WE’RE GOING TO DIE. #melbourneweather

Gillian Anderson as Blanche DuBois in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. Play performed at the Young Vic Theatre in London.

wait just one minute here. is that post-work daylight?!?

from the mists, a public transport appears.

i get this all the time. ironically, from anna kendrick.

  • MR MERKEL: Can I say this, your Honour? If your Honour could possibly give us the thoughts that your Honour had in writing so we can start working together on those forthwith - - -
  • HAYNE J: That is what junior solicitors are for, Mr Merkel, to scribble down what the judge said, but, yes, all right, you can have a rather scrappy draft on terms.
  •  ...
  • HAYNE J: Is it likely to be of assistance to the parties for me to make available the aide-mémoire I prepared for myself in, I think, the seven minutes I had to read the document?
  • MR DONAGHUE: I think that is a matter for Mr Merkel, your Honour. Our notes are adequate.
  • MR MERKEL: Yes, we would appreciate it, your Honour.
  • HAYNE J: Both sides will have the aide-mémoire. I am beginning to wonder which side of the Bar table I am sitting, gentlemen.
  • SOURCE: JARK and Ors v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and Anor [2014] HCATrans 150 (18 July 2014)